The Best Ice Cream in the East Village

The Best Ice Cream in the East Village

salty-pimpWe’re in the midst of an NYC heat wave. This, for most of us without central AC, is pure torture. That’s why every neighborhood needs its local ice cream shop for heat-crazed New Yorkers to get some relief. Lucky for me, we have several great spots in the East Village. Here are two of my favorites:

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
125 East 7th Street
(between 1st Avenue & Avenue A)
New York NY 10009
Open till 12am 7 days a week.

Thankfully the line moves fast at this ever-popular East Village staple. Everything from the staff, bright store and fun ice cream names make this place a whole lot of fun. I rarely stray from my all-time favorite ice cream cone, the Salty Pimp. It’s a glorious combination of vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, and sea salt enclosed in a light coating of chocolate dip. Need I say more?

There isn’t any room to sit in the shop, but you can score the bench outside or head down the block to Tompkin’s Square Park for a stroll while you enjoy your cone. The staff is notoriously friendly and will run down the full menu for you while you wait in line. How sweet!

Van Leeuwen
48 1/2 East 7th St,
New York, NY, 10003
(at 2nd Avenue)
Open till 12am Mon-Thurs & Sunday
Open till 1am Friday and Saturday

If you’re looking for a gourmet ice cream experience, this is the place for you. Many New Yorker’s are familiar with the pastel-green/yellow Van Leeuwen Ice Cream trucks that hit locations across the city. But thanks to the convenient East Village location, which is dangerously close to my apartment, ice cream connoisseurs can enjoy Van Leeuwen in the same spot whenever they’d like.

Van Leeuwen’s ice cream is homemade in Brooklyn with all organic ingredients.  Seasonal flavors are regularly updated and made in small batches – so get there early if you want to try a special flavor like Passion Fruit, Sweet Stick Black Rice, or Salted Caramel with Bourbon.

My personal favorite is the mint chocolate chip milkshake, which is made with REAL MINT and tastes like pure heaven on a hot day.

Now get out there and cool down with a delicious treat… you deserve it!

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2 Responses to The Best Ice Cream in the East Village

  1. OMG now I want to book a flight right now. The Salty Pimp sounds amazing!!

  2. filbio says:

    Love both of these! Great ice cream! It’s so hot out I can eat it all day long. I just did a post recently on the Big Gay Ice Cream truck.

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