Perfect Day at Smorgasburg, Williamsburg

08-smorgasburg_AT_460x285Though I’m just one subway stop from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I hardly ever go there. This past weekend I learned that’s a huge mistake, because there’s so much fun stuff happening in the hipster neighborhood, from eclectic shops to cozy restaurants to the famous Smorgasburg summer food festival.

Williamsburg is much closer than you’d expect for many Manhattanites – it’s just one stop headed east on the L train from Union Square. We stopped by Smorgasburg and, let me just say, this is a MUST DO. It’s by far the best food festival I’ve ever been to NYC. Over 100 New York-based food vendors serve everything from buttermilk fried chicken to duck confit. Plus, the festival takes place in a park overlooking the East River & Manhattan skyline, so it’s the perfect spot for a picnic and a beautiful view.

Come hungry and try a little of everything, or at least as much as you can before you burst. After you’ve had your fill, take a walk down the charming streets of Williamsburg and check out “Artists and Fleas”, a weekly indoor market featuring local artists and designers.

Some highlights of Smorgasburg:

  • Schnitz: The sandwiches from Schnitz are huge and made on fresh pretzel rolls, with schnitzel (lightly-fried chicken, pork or veal cutlets) and other goodies, depending on which sandwich you choose. Share with a friend so you don’t get full from one spot; there’s still so much to try!
  • Lumpia Shack: Stop here for delicious Filipino spring rolls – perfect bite-sized finger foods for sharing, made fresh on the premises.
  • Dough (donuts): While we didn’t have a chance to try a donut from Dough, they looked outstanding and there was a line to prove it. If you’re a donut connoisseur, this is a must!
  • S’more Bakery: This bakery puts a delicious twist on the traditional campfire S’more, with grown-up additions like dark chocolate, caramel sauce and sea salt to a variety of flavors.

I could go on and on, but I’ll let you find your favorites and report back. Happy Smorgasburg-ing!

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One Response to Perfect Day at Smorgasburg, Williamsburg

  1. filbio says:

    I actually go to Williamsburg a lot now as you mentioned how easy it is to get there by the L train. Plus, as an avid Yelper we have a lot of events there. I need to hit Smorgasburg soon and eat my way through it! Nice post!

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