I get by with a little help…

It’s been a crazy few weeks. First, I was evacuated from my apartment in the Financial District for what I thought would be a long weekend away during Hurricane Sandy. I grabbed a few pairs of sweatpants and two t-shirts. Little did I know I would not be returning to live there… ever. My building was damaged by Hurricane Sandy and was condemned until further notice.

For the past month, I’ve been living out of a suitcase with only a few items of clothing and one pair of shoes to my name. And somehow, I’ve been just fine. Living without all the extra “stuff” I thought I needed has actually been quite freeing. In the morning, I wake up and only have one or two choices for what I’m going to wear. I have no jewelry, one color of eye shadow and one pair of shoes. It makes the getting-ready-for-work process a no-brainer.

I was lucky enough to have a place to stay, a supportive family and an amazing significant other. My experience has been an easy one compared to the devastation facing many others. I found my dream apartment in the East Village and move in this weekend, without all the “stuff” that’s still sitting in my old place– the elevators are on and off, and I was on the 36th floor, so no idea when I’ll be able to take everything out.

This experience has taught me to live a bit more simply. It’s so cliché, but all this “stuff” isn’t what makes us happy. It’s all about getting by with a little help from your friends. 🙂

I’m moving on to the next phase in my life living in the East Village, and I couldn’t be more excited.

My new East Village apartment

My new East Village apartment

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One Response to I get by with a little help…

  1. filbio says:

    Good to see you are making do out of a tough situation. Good luck in the new place! Maybe soon you can go get some of your other things.

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