The Perfect Weekend Getaway: Cape Cod

One of the greatest things about living in NYC is easy access to many weekend destinations across the east coast. One of my all-time favorite summer getaways is Provincetown, Massachusetts. Located on the tip of Cape Cod, this quaint little fishing town is now a top tourist destination with restaurants, shops, and nighttime entertainment. Boasting an accepting “all are welcome” attitude, you can’t find friendlier people anywhere.

Here are the top must-dos while you stay in P-town:

1.       Visit the Long Point Lighthouse at the tip of Cape Cod

The best way to reach Long Point is by kayak, unless you’re up for a bit of hike across the jetty. By kayak, it’s a leisurely paddle across the Provincetown bay, which is filled with seals. We spotted one on our way back who was very curious about us, until we started heading his way!

One you reach Long Point, be on the look-out for sand dollars in the shallow water. This is a great place to swim too. It’s very secluded and there aren’t a lot of people around; it almost feels like a tropical oasis (minus palm trees and turquoise water).

2.       Sip on cocktails overlooking the bay at Pepe’s Wharf

One of the prettiest views in P-town is captured off the back deck of Pepe’s Wharf. Nibble on appetizers and watch the sun go down across the boats. Picture perfect!

3.       Walk out onto the jetty and watch a spectacular sunset

This is a must-do for couples. Sitting out on the rocks, you have an unobstructed view of a fabulous sunset over the National Seashore Park. Plus it’s neat to watch the changing tide, which goes up and down 8 feet a few times every day. Breathtaking!

4. Dine on fresh lobstahh rolls and people-watch at Bubalas’ patio

No trip to Cape Cod is complete without a Lobstahh roll! My personal favorite is warm lobster on a buttered bun (rather than lobster salad with mayonnaise, which detracts from the lobster flavor!) Bubalas has excellent, well-priced seafood, plus there’s plenty of outdoor seating that makes for prime people-watching.

5.       Hop on the trolley for a relaxing tour of the town and National Seashore Park

This is a great way to see the sites in a quick tour of the area. You get some history too, like, for example, that in 1850 a bunch of houses were floated from Long Point to Provincetown by raft, and still stand today! You also get a quick tour of the National Seashore Park which boasts tons of biking and walking trails. Exploring the park and dunes is on my list for next time.

What’s your favorite spot in Cape Cod?

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