Grilling in Van Cortlandt Park

Heather and I trekked up to 242nd street for a day of gallivanting in the “suburbs” with some great friends. Yes folks, you are technically still in the Bronx however it feels like a suburban town, complete with Stop ‘n Shop and hardware store. It’s so relaxing to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown, not to mention our friends’ proximity to Van Cortlandt Park was amazing.

After relaxing in our friends’ ginormous apartment, we headed to the suburban center (Stop ‘n Shop) to pick up supplies. They even had a Red Box. Sigh. Our extremely well-prepared hostesses had packed up a cart with all of the supplies for grilling, and then we headed off to the park.

I’d really never seen anything like this! It was like a giant block party… in a park. Mostly young families frolicked and grilled to their hearts’ content. We got there an hour before dusk, just as the temperature was cooling down and it was comfortable to be outside again. We nabbed a grill and cooked away – vegetarian style – and enjoyed the scene.

We were so focused on grilling that we did not explore the park much further, though I hear it’s huge and has a lot more to offer. There’s a huge public pool (I’m not a fan of public pools generally, but hey, if you’re hot enough…) and lots of hiking trails. It’s like an even more awesome version of Central Park.

A special thanks to our lovely friends Sid and Steph for introducing me to this part of the city! I hope to be back soon.

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2 Responses to Grilling in Van Cortlandt Park

  1. stephanie says:

    There is SO much park to see yet! And we would have taken you in the morning, had it not been for Heather dropping her eye on the floor 😦

    Next time! 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to explore the rest 🙂

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