Where to see independent films in NYC

Angelika FIlm Center

My favorite independent movie theater in New York is Angelika Film Center on Houston street. A self described “art house and cafe,” the AFC offers a balance between a small town theater, and your typical mega-theater chain, of which there are plenty in NYC. It’s also conveniently located right off Broadway, near the 6 and B, D, F, M trains.

On the first floor of the AFC, you’ll find the cafe with a wide selection of hot and cold beverages and homemade goodies, including some vegan and healthy options. It’s difficult to make healthy snack choices at movie theaters, especially because you don’t know the caloric intake of that giant tub of popcorn or monster soda (which is probably for the best!). All the goodies are labeled with calorie counts here. The café makes AFC stand out compared to other indie theaters like the IFC in the West Village.

For those with more typical movie-going palettes, candy and popcorn is offered on the basement level of the AFC, alongside most of the theaters. I haven’t been in every theater, but those I’ve seen have been spacious, though not on the scale of an AMC or Loews. Some indie theaters have such small screens that you feel like you’re viewing a big screen TV in someone’s living room (for a whopping $13.00, why bother?). While the screens aren’t enormous, you’ll still get a full movie experience.

AFC has enough theaters that there is a great variety – everything from Oscar nominated hits to little-known foreign films. It’s worth checking out something you’ve never heard of because indie films can be so unexpected. There’s no better way to spend a rainy afternoon in New York.

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