Out on the town: Upper East Side

Auction House, NYC

I used to think hanging out above 14th street would give me a nosebleed, but my recent exploration has definitely proved me wrong. With so may new restaurants and bars, the formerly fratty UES scene boasts a lot more than sports bars and rowdy bros. Here are a few of my favorite picks so far:

Auction House – 89th between 2nd and 1st

Hipsters, prepsters and all those in between can find a home at Auction House, a welcoming and well-decorated lounge. Find a seat on one of the cozy antique couches and warm up by the fire with cocktails in-hand. The intimate, dimly-lit setting is perfect for couples or small groups.

Tip: It’s a gem that is very hidden. Look for an unmarked door and curtain-covered windows.

Brandy’s Piano Bar – 84th between 2nd and 3rd

A great way to spend the evening if you’re looking for something different than an average bar night. A tiny piano bar with no more than 8 tables, Brandy’s is packed with personality. From the sarcastic bartender to the double- duty waitress, who also sings, you’ll surely get a kick out of the staff. The performances range from musical theater and pop hits to classic ballads.

Tip: Pay attention to the show! Since the place is so small, you’ll irk everyone in the audience and on-stage if you’re chatting loudly. Come on a weeknight to get a great seat.

More to come as the exploration continues! What are your favorite UES spots?

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2 Responses to Out on the town: Upper East Side

  1. i had such a good time the one time i visited Brandy’s would recommend to anyone.

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