A few of my favorite things: Part 2

I recently discovered another awesome holiday market in NYC: The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. While the shops are more of the same, it’s worth a visit for the food and ice skating. I didn’t brave the ice myself, but it’s only $14 to rent skates and admission is free. A perfect date idea if your significant other is slightly more graceful than yours truly.

On to the most important part, the food. You MUST to visit the Vegetarian Oasis kiosk for the best burrito ever. I know, I know– the idea of vegetarian food can be off-putting for some meat eaters, but trust me on this one. The Potato Burrito is one of the most satisfying burritos I’ve ever had; it’s filling but not stuffing, and incredibly tasty, packed with golden mashed potatoes, salsa, cheddar cheese, garlic and greens in a 12″ wheat tortilla for $7.00. A-mazing.  I can’t believe this place doesn’t have an official restaurant location. I, alone, could keep them in business.

For goat cheese lovers, try the Goat Cheese Burrito at the same place. It includes four big scoops of fresh goat cheese with arugula, beans, onions and garlic inside a wheat tortilla– so unique and unexpected. It’s really rich with the goat cheese flavor, so share with a friend to save room for other treats at the market.

I dare you to leave without being drawn in by the irresistible smell of freshly-made kettle corn at Kettle Corn NYC. Located right off the pond, it’s the perfect spot to sit and watch the skaters while munching on the salty, sweet goodness. There are many flavors but the most popular are original kettle corn and caramel kettle corn, all made on the premises. Free samples, too!

The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park is the perfect market for a cozy, romantic date or just to stroll, snack and shop. I also picked up some unique jewelry for my mom at Helen’s Gems, a handmade jewelry shop with some stuff I hadn’t seen anywhere else before. Hurry and get there before Christmas – I’m not sure when it will close!

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