It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a food court with a bar?

The latest addition on the FiDi food scene has got me all confused. Earl’s Court opened a stone’s throw away from my apartment building, and I was pretty excited about it leading up to the official opening a few weeks ago. I knew it was going to be a food court, and I was imagining the all-encompassing mall food court that can fulfill every craving from Chinese to Subway. But Earl’s Court has positioned itself as an “upscale” foot court, featuring brands I’ve never heard of: Earl of Sandwich®, The Original Soupman®, Billy’s Bakery™, Sushi Express™, Greens™, ShakeBar™, Lavazza® and Libations 101™.

Still a decent variety, but not the friendly favorites I’m used to seeing at a food court. In any case, the space itself is beautiful but something just seems off. For one, there is a bar, Libations, with a nightly DJ… huh? This might be cool in an area that’s lacking in local drinking holes, but when I’ve got about 20 bars to choose from in a 5 block radius, why would I got drink at a food court? Secondly, the prices are a bit outrageous. They charge $5 for a small shake when I could walk down to McDonald’s and get the same thing off the dollar menu (although I’m sure there are plenty of Wall Street types that wouldn’t notice or care).

Also strange — “Shake Bar” has 2 types of shakes. Chocolate and vanilla. Now that’s just a tease. How can you call yourself a Shake Bar with just two flavors? Womp womp.

The positives: free WiFi, huge comfortable space (that is ALWAYS empty when I walk by past 6pm) and again, it’s literally 10 feet from my apartment door. But they’re going to have to do a bit more to win me over. Free cupcakes, anyone?

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