NYC Dumpling Fest 2011

Veselka Piergois

Last weekend I had the joy and privilege of attending the NYC Dumpling Fest in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I left happy, stuffed and ready for a nap. Or as my roommate Kim called it, in a “doma” – dumpling coma.

For $20 a ticket, we sampled dumplings at four stands out of about ten that took part in the festival. The highlight BY FAR was the goat cheese and arugula pierogi, handmade by Ukrainian eatery Veselka. I never knew that there was such a thing as Ukrainian soul food — but I’m pretty sure it rivals fried chicken and man ‘n cheese any day. I will definitely head to the East Village to eat at this restaurant soon.

Other memorable dumplings included the deep-fried seafood dumpling and the lamb, potato and pea dumpling. YUM! We also had a chance to catch the eating content winners claim their prizes, including one guy who wolfed down a total of 67 DUMPLINGS!? How is that possible?? I don’t know, but he better be careful. Apparently competitive dumpling eating is quite dangerous (see article: Ukrainian man dies in dumpling eating contest).

In any case, I’d highly recommend this event if you have the opportunity to check it out next year. Plus, they have a really freaking cute mascot. Long live dumplings!

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