Montauk: The Last Resort

I was lucky enough to take my first trip out to the Hamptons this weekend, and I made it all the way to “The Last Resort,” Montauk. Located on the tip of Long Island, it’s a bit too far for day-tripping, but perfect for a long weekend away from the city bustle. Even though we sat in five hours of Memorial Day traffic on the way home (should have been three!), I’d say the trip was well worth it.

Guided by an honorary local–Heather–I was able to check out many of the sites, including the Montauk Point Lighthouse, Nanny’s private beach, Gosman’s Dock, and Fishbar restaurant. Montauk is famous for fishing, and the local restaurants certainly reflect it. Sitting at Fishbar or Gosman’s Dock, you can watch the fishing boats coming in, and it almost feels like nothing’s changed in the last fifty years.

Montauk is also famous for its national parks, of which there are several. The quiet beaches, rolling green hills and beautiful sunsets make for a great escape from good old NYC.

Since I grew up going “down the shore” in Jersey nearly every summer, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Montauk. It was much more peaceful and less pretentious than I had expected, and the landscape reminded me of Cape Cod & Block Island. It’s still early in the season, so I’m looking forward to heading back in warmer weather and spending more time outdoors.

Nothing can replace the Jerz shore in my heart (T-SHIRT TIIIIME), but Montauk is certainly going to be a new favorite weekend retreat.

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