The New York Bagel

I have been a bagel lover for as long as I can remember, and I have to agree with the masses that NYC has got the best bagel around. The best ones are huge, dough-y (but not too dough-y), fresh, and always slathered with an absurd amount of homemade cream cheese. In my old neighborhood, Astoria, Queens, I used to go to Brooklyn Bagels for the most ridiculously delicious carb-overload EVER… a salt bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese. It was a-mazing. Every time I would eat one, I’d immediately return to bed, overcome with the most intense food-induced comatose ever. Gosh, I miss those days.

Up until this past weekend, I was a little disappointed with the bagel options in my new neighborhood. The Financial District has some great delis but most of them seem to close on weekends, disappearing along with the Wall Street crowd. But thanks to my wonderfully adventurous friend Shannon, we embarked out into the snowy streets on a quest for a real New York Bagel (at 8:30AM on a Sunday… what is wrong with us!)… and we hit the jackpot!

Leo’s Bagels is located in the heart of FiDi, right near Wall Street and Exchange Place. It’s a tiny shop with a great selection of fresh bagels, homemade cream cheeses and lox. I was boring and got my usual salt bagel with scallion cream cheese. They didn’t have bacon scallion cream cheese… but it might be for the best– my heart can only take so much. The bagels are huge, a bit crustier than Brooklyn Bagels, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

So, if you’re ever in FiDi and at a loss of where to find the delicious NYC bagel you’ve been craving, you know where to go. Cool website, too. Looks like I’ve found a second home!



Where’s your favorite NYC bagel spot?

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2 Responses to The New York Bagel

  1. Kelly T. says:

    Have you ever tried Pick-A-Bagel? Haven’t been there in ages but as far as I can remember super yum with a huge selection of spreads. They have multiple locations around the city…1 in FiDi too, I believe. Try it out and let your readers know how it compares!

  2. I have never tried Pick-a-Bagel, but I heard they’re really good! I will try and out soon and let you know.

    Although nothing comapres to the bagels at Bradley Beach. You know, the ones that are the size of our heads… mmm!

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